Prep Going Green!

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The Primary Seven Children at the The Wallace High School Preparatory Department received a surprise this week after a visit to Dobbies Garden Centre.

The Preparatory Pupils are taking part in the Here We Grow scheme organised by Dobbies and were delighted to receive a large donation of tools, equipment, seeds, containers and bulbs. The pupils will plant a variety of plants and vegetables in the school garden as part of education for sustainable development.

The school has recently enrolled in the Eco-schools programme. Mrs Calo coordinator “The Eco-Committee at the Wallace High School is very keen for all pupils to be more environmentally aware.

The children in the Preparatory Department will be working towards the first stage of the Eco-schools programme. Over the next number of weeks the children will work together to save energy and water, they will learn the importance of recycling and making our school environment more attractive”.

This week the Preparatory Department will have an Eco-Awareness Day. On Wednesday, Mrs Latham and two teachers from the Chemistry Department will give all the pupils the opportunity to create something new out of rubbish.

Mrs Latham “Eco-awareness day will give the children not only the opportunity to have fun but it will reinforce the value of recycling. The pupils will learn how to make rockets from bottles, plant pots from plastic bottles and how best to look after our new plants”.

Last modified: May 28, 2011