Pudsey promises a party and prizes!

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Pudsey is Covid-19 free and Children in Need celebrations are back with a bang! The Senior Prefect team and the House Captains have planned the bake sale to outshine all bake sales for Monday 21st November. There will be Pudsey cake toppers, colour themed bakes, treats galore and a “Guess the number of sweets in the jar” competition so all we need is…pupils and staff armed with their appetites and lots of cash to donate!

On Monday 28th November Years 8 & 9 have the opportunity to attend the Pudsey Games organised by the Senior Prefect Team. This will be a mixture of pre-recorded film challenges and some live action which will include the ever-popular “Pie the teacher” when some lucky pupils will get the opportunity to mimic Laurel and Hardy and smash a plate full of whipped cream into the teacher’s face! 

The Pudsey Games are restricted to Years 8 & 9 but we want all our pupils, regardless of age, to participate in the fundraising. Parents will be invited to donate by Parent Mail and every pupil whose parent donates a minimum of £1 will be entered for Pudsey’s Wallace raffle. There will be prizes distributed on the 28th and at least one jubilant pupil from Years 10-14 will be invited to the Pudsey Games to … you’ve guessed it!

Parents, please keep a close eye to your Parent Mail account for the invitation to change the lives of children all over the UK. Many charitable groups in Northern Ireland benefit from the annual Children in Need appeal, not least our legacy charity, the Cancer Fund for Children so we’d ask that if at all possible you support the Senior Prefects and the House Captains. 

Last modified: January 4, 2023