Wallace Opens C2K Network

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5903c2k.gifWallace High is the lead pilot school for the South Eastern Education and Library Board in the pioneering online learning strategy, C2K. The Principal, Mrs McBride commented “We were delighted to be nominated as a the lead pilot school in this phase and, now that the computers have been installed, look forward to the advantages which these additional ICT resources will bring to the education of our pupils.”

Over 300 new workstations for staff and pupil use , including two additional computer suites, have been installed in the c2k3.jpgClonevin Park School,along with seven high – end servers to manage users, pupil areas and multimedia applications. Data stored in these servers is synchronised with a data centre in Belfast. This innovative work is part of a £204 million strategy for improving teaching and learning in Northern Ireland. Teachers can now set up interactive resources within a central intranet which can be accessed by pupils throughout the school.

With the support of the Principal, Mrs McBride , the Vice Principal Mr A Porter, and the expertise of ICT Co-ordinator Mr D Cleland ICT is developing very rapidly in the school. The addition of these C2K facilities to existing advanced resources provides great potentional for enhanching pupil learning.

c2k1.gif Wallace’s ICT Co-ordinator David Cleland commented, ” Probably most exciting is the fact that this resource will soon be available to pupils at home via an internet connection. This will afford pupils access to teacher handouts and homework material thereby developing the learning process. Pupils will also be able to query a central library database which will encourage self responsibilty for learning.

C2K has also introduced a full range of excellent subject specific learning applications which can be used within classes or by pupils during study periods.Our sixth form pupils in particular will undoubtedly benefit from the creation of subject specific clusters which will allow freedom of access and promote collaberative learnng in projects and research.”

c2kHazel Alexander, the South Eastern Education and Library Board C2K Support Manager, said, ” We recently held a successful training day in Wallace for over 100 staff. In the near future it will be possible for staff and pupils to access their school files and learning resources from home.”

David Cleland added, “As a central hub school we will be offering network connectivity to other schools in the area. Being a lead pilot school meant that all initial set up and testing was carried out at Wallace before solutions were implemented here and in other schools. We were pleased to be involved in this exciting venture in education – C2K provides a means for developing a dynamic educational infrastructure allowing collaberation on learning programmes and greater ease of communication between schools, parents and the wider community.”

Upper Sixth Michelle Alister was one of the first pupils to use the new C2K network. She said, “These learning resources and the interactive approach will revolutionise how we use our study periods. I’m looking forward to using such modern technology.”

Last modified: March 7, 2017