An Exceptional Year for GCSE in 2014

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The GCSE results at Wallace in the summer of 2014 were exceptional in many ways. Not only did Rachel O’Connor achieve 11 full course A* grades, Bethany Henry and Thomas Storey achieved 10 A* and 1 A in full course with Hannah McGrath celebrating 10 A* in full course and an A* grade in Short Course GCSE Religious Studies. Hector Epanomeritakis also celebrated 10 straight A* grades in full course GCSE and one A grade in Short Course Religious Studies. In total, an outstanding 29 students achieved all A or A* in full course subjects at GCSE. The students appear in this photograph with Mr Michael Lowry, their Head of Year and the Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator in school.


Mr Lowry was delighted with the results achieved by those students photographed and stated that “this is a reflection of the hard work, dedication and effort put in over the full two years of the GCSE course by these highly motivated and gifted young people. I commend them all for their achievements.” Mr Lowry was also keen pay tribute to the support of parents and teachers in ensuring that the students were given the best opportunity to succeed in their GCSEs and he looks forward with great anticipation to what “A” level study will have in store.


As well as embarking upon their “A” level studies at Wallace, students who have demonstrated a clear aptitude for academic study will be able to avail of the opportunities provided by the school’s Gifted and Talented programme. This programme has seen Sixth Form students attend residential courses provided by Villiers Park Educational Trust, Sutton Trust and Oxford University in recent years. The programme also enables students to further their passion for academic study through supporting applications and entries to a range of academic competitions.


As well as celebrating the success of the students pictured, Mr Lowry was keen to acknowledge the personal success of many others in the Year Group who had met, and in many cases exceeded, the targets that had been set for them following the January examinations. In many cases, meeting these targets has enabled students to study the subjects that they have a passion for at “A” level in the pleasant environment of Sixth Form at Wallace and the congratulations of the school is also extended to these students.

Last modified: October 10, 2014