Principal’s Congratulations

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Students who have recently received GCSE, AS and A’ Level results are to be congratulated. The success of students in this school is a reflection of the hard work, dedication and maturity of the students and the expertise, effort and enthusiasm of the teaching and support staff.

gcse2A’Level results were very pleasing, not just in how the high grades reflect the academic abilities of our students, but also in the currency these high grades have provided for so many in opening the doors to exciting and challenging University places. 75% of students were successful in gaining their first choice offer for University and 13% were happy to take up their second offer. With only 3% going into “clearing” it is evident that University applications have been effectively completed, students have made sound, realistic choices and have been expertly supported by the Careers and Subject Departments and the team of UCAS reference writers.

AS results were also of a high standard with just over 67% of the grades awarded being at either A or B, it is clear that Upper Sixth 2009-10 have laid solid foundations for success at A’Level. The transition from GCSE to AS level can be a challenging one; these students are all to be commended for their application and industry.

At GCSE level the excellent results demonstrate the considerable aptitude of this group of young people. The most commonly achieved grade was an A grade. and the % A-C was 96%. With such excellent grades our students in this year group have opened up many opportunities for themselves in A’Level study and career pathways.

On behalf of the teaching and support staff of Wallace, congratulations to all our students.

Mrs Deborah O’Hare

Last modified: December 12, 2019