Results 09 Information

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GCSE results for subjects entered through the CCEA Awarding Body (all subjects except French, German and Spanish) will be available for collection on Tuesday 25 August from 9.00 am. This batch of results will contain grades awarded but not a breakdown of marks awarded in the subject as a whole or in individual papers.

resultsOn Thursday 27 August results for French, German and Spanish (AQA Awarding Body) will be available from 9.00 as will full details of results for all CCEA subjects taken, i.e. marks as well as grades and the breakdown of performance in individual components if appropriate.

Lower Sixth Intake Day will remain as Friday 28 August. Pupils (and parents / guardians) will be given an appointment time for the Intake Day included with the first batch of results on Tuesday 25 August.

Pupils who are unable to come to school to collect their results can leave a stamped addressed envelope in the Front Office to have their results posted home. Pupils who are on holiday and unavailable to attend the Intake Day, but intend to return to school in the Sixth Form, must see Dr Napier before the end of June.

Last modified: May 27, 2009