Victoria Wins Two Photography Competitions

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Victoria O’Connor, a Year 13 pupil at The Wallace High School, has gained first place in two prestigious photographic competitions recently.

Both competitions were run by MAGNI, the first in the Ulster Museum which was entitled ‘School Dinners’ which gained Victoria first place. Her winning photograph is currently on display in the Museum, whilst the second competition was run by Armagh County museum.

The following statement is from the MAGNI – Armagh Museum web page: “Victoria wins overall prize in Armagh Photographic Competition.
Seventeen year old Victoria O’Connor from Lisburn picked up the overall prize for best picture in the annual photographic competition at Armagh County Museum for her unusual close-up photograph of a cow.”


The keen photographer is the youngest person to ever win the long established competition. Judge Brian Mason selected her photograph – a close-up shot of a cow which seems almost about to lick the camera’s lens – out of over two hundred entrants.

Dr Greer Ramsey of Armagh County Museum said; “There are over two hundred images displayed and we are delighted this year with the overall standard. I know that Brian was extremely impressed by the quality of photographs in the black and white section and everyone who entered the competition has had their work displayed.”


Victoria said: “I was in a friend’s farm with the intention of photographing horses when I noticed the light in a barn. The cow came right up and breathed into the lens. I was shocked and surprised.”

Victoria also collected the overall Prize winner’s Bennett’s Cup for her entry. This overall prize has never been won by someone from the under 18 category.

All at Wallace wish to congratulate Victoria on both her outstanding achievements.

Last modified: June 11, 2014