Villiers Park Winners

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Several students from The Wallace High School have recently won places on the prestigious Villiers Park Residential Courses for prospective Oxford and Cambridge students. The students, all currently in year 13, will experience tuition from Oxbridge academics whilst enjoying debate and discussion with other academically gifted students.

Courses at Villiers Park, which is situated close to the university hub of Cambridge, are usually week long giving the young people a genuine opportunity to bond with others. Demand for the courses has become higher every year so Wallace can feel proud of its tradition of winning places annually. The courses are specifically designed to encourage and challenge students at AS level who are considering applying for the top universities in the UK. Previous attendees from Wallace found the experience invaluable in helping them secure interviews for Oxbridge.

The Wallace High School places a strong emphasis on providing opportunities for Gifted and Talented pupils. Miss Heather Gracey the school’s Special Educational Needs Coordinator  and Mr Michael Lowry, the Gifted and Talented Coordinator, are working with pupils and staff to ensure that those who have a particular academic gift or a talent that reaches beyond the classroom are given the best opportunity to meet their potential.

Wallace students enjoy participation in a wide range of enrichment activities and programmes designed to foster intellectual independence or leadership skills. They also attend academic conferences to complement the personalised help and guidance they receive from teaching staff.

Last modified: March 31, 2012