Wallace at True Colours

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The work of Northern Ireland’s most gifted young artists and designers just gets better and better, that was the consensus of opinion amongst the crowds of people who attended the launch of CCEA’s True Colours exhibition at The Ulster Museum.

The Wallace High School’s pupil Victoria O’Connor had her work selected as one of the top achieving candidates in Art and Design. Victoria chose to base her work on the idea of ‘Warhorse’, the well known movie which charts the journey of a military horse who endures much pain and suffering for his country. The initial theme for the project was ‘Simple and/or Complex’. Victoria’s interpretation of the theme was born out of her own passion for equestrian life and the strong bond which develops between a horse and its owner. Victoria is a highly skilled photographer and used her first hand information from the stable yard and her own horse Major to work from. The project culminated in an installation Art piece which saw a tattered hand painted, stitched and embroidered flag draped over a ‘frontier’. Victoria is now studying a BA in photography at The University of Ulster.

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CCEA’s True Colours is a vibrant and stunning showcase of artwork produced for the summer 2015 GCE & GCSE examinations and is a must-see for art lovers of all ages.

The exhibition was officially opened at The Ulster Museum by renowned local artist Paddy McCann. He commented: “It’s a real pleasure to see the level of talent being nurtured in our schools and colleges. The range of work on show is truly inspiring and I am sure will inspire those budding artists and designers visiting the exhibition.”


Last modified: June 15, 2020