YASS Achievers – Soaring High

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Wallace pupils have been attaining top level assessments at university level and they are yet to sit their A level examinations. Through the Open University’s YASS scheme pupils are able to study on line and complete degree level modules. YASS has many benefits: it facilitates independent study, offers helpful extension activities, encourages
effective time management skills and offers a glimpse of university level work. Students are responsible for managing their own work.

A group of students recently received confirmation of their module results. Whilst results are graded pass or fail, students are sent a detailed performance profile which shows how well they have performed in the examination component. There are five categories and Wallace students, to the delight of students and teachers alike, scored consistently in the top category.

Lianne Wilson one of a group who studied Human Genetics and Health Issues said “It is really encouraging to get such positive feedback. It has given me confidence to know I can complete university level work to such a pleasing standard. Doing the YASS module has been genuinely worthwhile.”

Ben Simpson who was the first Wallace student to complete a finance module achieved an outstanding score whilst two further students are awaiting results.

Last modified: December 18, 2011