Wallace Prep Focus on Being Healthy

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Last Wednesday 8th October, Mr Smyth had organised for a special visitor to come to the Wallace Preparatory Department, the larger than life, Genevieve the Goat. This is part of an educational programme from the charity Cancer Focus.

Genevieve the Goat’s visits to schools are all about encouraging physical activity and healthy eating at a young age. They use Genevieve the goat as a character in their presentation to teach about the importance of being healthy.


Our Primary 1 and 2 classes listened to a story about a goat who tries to encourage her friends to get active and eat healthily just in time for the Farmyard Olympics.

After the story, the children discussed and sorted different types of food into three categories; food we can eat lots of, food we should eat some of and food we should only have a little of.

P1 and P2 had some excellent suggestions and were very sensible about what different types of food we should eat. The children enjoyed interacting with Genevieve who was able to give them a thumbs up on answering questions.


Much to the excitement of both teachers and pupils, our special guest Genevieve did some exercise with the boys and girls in class. They had great fun running, swimming and jumping around their classrooms. At the end of the session, the children received a large sticker to remind them of the importance of looking after our bodies and the lady who bought Genevieve encouraged the boys and girls to tell their parents about all the fun they can have doing exercise.

The Preparatory Department will take part in further Cancer Focus workshops throughout the year. This support further enhances the PD&MU programme in the Preparatory Department.


A special mention must go to the very willing Primary 7 pupil Jack Crawford who very ably acted the part of Genevieve.

Head of Preparatory, Mrs Latham commented “I would like to thank the personnel at Cancer Focus for all the help they give us with advancing Health Education in the school. The visit of Genevieve is a prime example of how they teach children to be healthy and look after their well-being”.

Last modified: October 15, 2014