Christmas Pie 2007

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Upper Sixth pupils in The Wallace High School staged two very successful productions of “Christmas Pie” at the end of term to raise money for a school in southern Sudan. Christmas Pie is a long standing Wallace tradition – having been performed by Sixth years for over thirty years.

Each performance, lasting over one hour, had been scripted and choreographed by the pupils as the result of several weeks of extra curricular effort. “Pie” Committee member Janine Mathews explained, “We decided to base our charity show on “Jamie’s School Dinners” television programme, interspersed with a witty look at daily life in Wallace High.

The past few weeks have been brilliant. Whilst it has been hectic getting everything ready for the performances, our year group has had such a laugh during rehearsals. Everyone looks forward to seeing Pie each year and taking part in it is a real highlight of Sixth year at Wallace.”

pie1.png pie2.png
pie3.png pie4.png

Jamie Brown went on, “Musical performances of this year’s big hits including “Umbrella” and were really enjoyable and our dancers really showed the talent of our year group.”

Assistant Head of Year Julie Dumigan concluded, “Congratulations must go to the steering committee, cast and crew for their wonderful performances. I hope our pupils will remember this experience for many years to come. It has been a pleasure to work with such a motivated and talented group of young people. Over £2000 was raised for to give educational opportunities to those less fortunate– an incredible sum which is testament to the generosity of the entire school community.”

Much to the delight of pupils, several members of staff also performed a short sketch based on the 1980’s show “ ‘Allo,’Allo”, which added greatly to the end of term festivities.

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