Past Pupil : Gordon Burns

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gordon.gifI am a past pupil of Wallace High School, but only just! When I was five, we lived in the Causeway End Road, Lisburn (off Longstone St) and I went to the kindergarden for a year. At this point we moved to England and didn’t return until I was 13, hence the lack of a distinctive Norn Ireland accent!

I then, lived in Belfast and went to Campbell College before leaving to join the Belfast Telegraph as a trainee reporter. I have very strong family connection in Lisburn. My grandfather on my mother’s side was the editor of the now defunct Lisburn Herald newspaper. He was succeeded by his son, my uncle. And my father was editor of the rival Lisburn Standard….which is how he met my mum, the daughter of the rival editor. Hope that’s not too confusing but I guess this is where I interest in journalism was born.

I would like to wish the rugby team the best of luck in the schools cup competition, unless you’re playing Campbell in which case I’d have to be neutral!!

Last modified: March 7, 2017