A Warm Welcome awaits at Wallace High!

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At Wallace High School, we pride ourselves on providing a supportive, engaging, and enjoyable induction programme for our Year 8 as they begin a new chapter as part of the Wallace Community.

We are looking forward to welcoming the class of 2031!

To help support our Year 8 and new Wallace parents, we engage in a variety of events and provide in-house activities to make each Year 8 pupil’s experience a memorable one. These events are crucial in providing our young people with a platform to make friends, participate in new experiences and ensure that they can benefit from the wealth of opportunities that Wallace has to offer.


The first of these events involves our P7 Intake Day in June. This is an exciting day for all prospective Wallace High students as they get to meet their class tutors and fellow pupils for the first time. It is a chance to get a feel for secondary school life, whilst enjoying a range of fun activities to help them become more accustomed to the school surroundings.


Our second induction event takes place over two half days in August. These half days support our new Year 8 in becoming accustomed to their new school and surroundings, developing on from the Intake Day in June. Most importantly, they also have the chance to spend time with Mrs Rogers, Head of Year 8, Mrs Young, Assistant Head of Year 8, their class tutor and our team of Senior Prefects. Students will spend this time rekindling friendships from June and learning about the array of opportunities that Wallace provides.

Year 8 will also have the support of Sixth Form mentors. These prefects are in Extended Class Assembly every week to help with organisation as well as providing excellent advice and experience to our young people.

We also hold a Year 8 Parents’ Information Evening early in September. This crucial evening provides parents a window into what life is like for young people at Wallace and we take great delight in welcoming our new Wallace parents to this event. During this evening, parents and guardians can hear from the Year 8 pastoral team on important developments, such as the ClassCharts App, as well as the vast array of day-to-day practicalities of school life. Parents will also hear from Mr McKnight, our Learning Support Coordinator, on the help that Wallace provides for those students with barriers to learning. Dr McMath, our ICT Coordinator, will discuss the importance we place on developing core IT skills for the future and the rollout of iPads for new Year 8 students. Parents also have the opportunity to speak directly with staff, to address any queries they have and to meet with other parents.

Mrs Rogers & Mrs Young

At the end of September, the whole year group embarks on a fun filled Adventure Day at Ardnavally Scout Centre. This hugely popular pastoral event helps to build friendship bonds and develop relationships between pupils and staff.

In October, we have a series of follow up pastoral interviews for each pupil with their Class Tutor or Head of Year. During this time Year 8 will also be heavily involved in the huge array of extra-curricular clubs, sports and House events to keep them engaged and enjoying life at Wallace. This culminates in the hugely fun Year 8 Movie Night just before Christmas and our Christmas Celebration Assembly.

Reflecting on a very successful 2023-2024 Induction Programme, Head of Year 8, Mrs Rogers, commented:

‘It is always very exciting to meet our new cohort of Year 8 pupils during our Intake Day in June. We look forward to welcoming them and getting to know them better. Our Induction programme is a vital way to support your child, to help them adjust, feel comfortable and build friendships as they journey through their time at Wallace. We can’t wait to meet the class of 2031!’

To find out more about or what to expect on our Year 8 Intake Day, our Year 8 Adventure Day and the Year 8  Induction Programme, please access the links below:

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Last modified: May 20, 2024